Geoffrey Dryan - American Dreams

October 23 – November 13, 2014

The Dryansky Gallery is pleased to announce their grand opening and present their first exhibition featuring photographs by artist and co-owner of the gallery, Geoffrey Dryan. His series titled American Dreams will be on view October 23 – November 13, 2014. The Dryansky Gallery will host a celebratory grand opening reception for the artist on Thursday, October 23, 6pm – 9 pm.

Geoffrey Dryan’s photographs of classic cars in suburbia illustrate his appreciation for the automobiles of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and the era in which they were created. Having grown up in an American suburb during the 70’s, he gained an early affection for the esthetics of the time. His longing for this era as well as his parents generation's before his is the fuel behind this body of work. He notes, “The ingenuity and complex merging of perfectly made components to form a ’pure classic’ asks the question: what is the relationship between form and function, purpose and beauty?” Dryan believes that these remnants from the past are still beautiful and meaningful today. “Part of their beauty is how they make us feel, driving down a country road, looking out the window, for example. I hope that one’s connection to all of this comes alive through my work.”

Dryan’s passion for street portraiture stems from his love of people. When walking down the street he is struck by the people he sees. He sees beauty, not necessarily in the classical sense, but in the individuality and uniqueness that these passers-by manifest. It is this quality that Dryan seeks to record. To capture them as they are. “This is a way for me to identify with so many different people that I otherwise would have no way of connecting with.” Though it is a fleeting moment, they experience an exchange. “Not only do I get to hear their voices and find out a bit about themselves, I photograph them in that moment, thereby cementing our meeting in time forever.”

Geoffrey Dryan was born in 1974 and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He received his education in the areas of theology and Russian literature in Jerusalem, Israel. Upon returning to San Francisco in 2002, Dryan came upon photography as a means to explore his past and the country he had left behind. He went on to study photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. He opened The Dryansky Gallery with his wife Janel Dryan and sister-in law, Jilian Monribot in 2014 to showcase emerging and established artists from around the world. He resides in San Francisco with his wife and son, Wolfie.

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