Gregg Wilensky - Artist Statement

Gregg Wilensky

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"There are moments of contemplative stillness in nature, early fall mornings or overcast winter afternoons, when the light and color and atmosphere conspire to instill a calmed sense of awe and wonder. I seek to portray the essence of these moments through photographs.

Much of my professional career has focused on providing control and precision to digital photography, which today affords an inordinate amount of detail. Somewhat of a reaction against excessive detail for its own sake, I am interested in exploring the opposite direction; what is the minimum needed for a photograph that is still true to the medium and to the spirit of the image captured and yet can stimulate our spirits? Can we create and convey the power of abstract art by re-imagining a photograph? I am exploring photographs of nature re-imagined by staying faithful to the raw image content while enhancing image features which are normally subconscious.

I attempt this by reducing images to their basic elements, harmonies of colors and shapes and edges, taking inspiration from knowledge of our own low level visual processing as well as that of creatures with simpler visual systems. I use as tools high fidelity optics and camera sensors but applied so as to image the subtle gradations of form and color and their local transitions. Where are the boundaries between faithful reproduction of what hits the camera’s sensor and the digital image modulations that best enable the capture of those silent spaces?"

-Gregg Wilensky