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Jilian adi Monribot

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Born in 1985 in Périgueux, France, Monribot’s international upbringing spans over 4 continents. Monribot studied fine art darkroom photography at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, NM, foundation arts at Rhode Island School of Design, and received her BFA in Fashion Design in 2009 from the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Paris, France.

After working for luxury fashion houses in Paris (Dior, Hermes, Ann Valerie Hash), London (Hardy Amies), and Antwerp (Ann Demeulemeester), Monribot moved to San Francisco in 2014 to co-found The Dryansky Gallery.

Monribot’s education and experience in art and fashion result in a unique perspective, a quest to express, promote, and ennoble the human person. For Monribot, fashion, painting, darkroom photography, and ceramics — as well as dancing, acting and singing — all represent one theme; the undeniable need to express, to delight with emotion and strength, and a wish to inspire.

Her work has been exhibited at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Annex Gallery in Santa Fe, the Diana Marquardt Gallery in Paris, Cité International in Lyon, France, CCSF Fort Mason Gallery, San Francisco and The Dryansky Gallery.

In addition to her pursuits as an oil painter, ceramicist and darkroom photographer, Monribot is Co-Director and Curator at The Dryansky Gallery. Jilian Adi Monribot is a multi-disciplinary artist living in San Francisco, CA.