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December 17, 2015
Neil Folberg on Harnessing Cosmic Energy through Photography
Artsy Editorial

Through Neil Folberg’s lens, landscapes become infinite realms that resemble celestial firmaments as much as the earthly environments they depict. After an apprenticeship with Ansel Adams—which Folberg began at the age of 16—the American-born, Jerusalem-based photographer has since built an encyclopedic portfolio of images that harness the ethereal and spiritual effects of our surroundings—whether it’s nature, architecture, or wide-open skies that encircle us. Below, Artsy talks with Folberg about his inspirations and the mesmerizing photographs that result.... Read More

October 22, 2015
Neil Folberg Juxtaposes the Sinai Desert's Alien Landscapes with the Incredible Beauty of the Constellations...
by Rob Wilkes
We Heart

If you’re a resident of a major urban metropolis bathed in the 24/7 haze of electric light, it may have been a while since you’ve been able to look skywards and see the stars. But the stars are out there all right, and photographer Neil Folberg invites us to gaze on them anew with his awe-inspiring Celestial Nights exhibition.The collection is being shown at The Dryansky Gallery in San Francisco, and marks the venue’s one year anniversary. It also sees Folberg’s return to the city after a gap of 15 years; the Bay Area native has been living in Israel since the mid 1970s. The spectacular images he presents in this exhibition were originally taken in the Sinai Desert and other locations in Israel between 1997 and 1999, and were first developed from digital negatives to silver gelatin prints... Read More


August 11, 2015
The Deserts of Sinai and Israel Illuminated Only by Starlight
by Ellyn Kail
Feature Shoot

Under the shroud of night, Jerusalem-based photographer Neil Folberg traverses Galilee and the Negev and Sinai deserts in Israel and Egypt alone and by foot, watching as the stars and clouds dance across the sky. From the late 1990s until the early 2000s, he spent four years of sunsets and sunrises capturing the shadows as they descended silently upon the historic terrain... Read More


July 15, 2015
Channeling Ansel Adams, Neil Folberg Photographs the Stars over the Holy Land
by K. Sundberg
Artsy Editorial

Casting doubt on the division between the scientific and the spiritual, Neil Folberg’s “Celestial Nights” series is a tribute to the sublime. The large-scale black-and-white photographs of star-filled nighttime skies over the holy lands of Israel and Sinai juxtapose humanity with the infinite.... Read More

July 25, 2011
"Celestial Nights" at Everson features photographs by Neil Folberg
by Gina Stankivitz

Folberg's juxtaposition of desert landscapes and ancient ruins blanketed by vast expanses of night sky and stars above, breathes an otherworldly quality into the photographs. Ancient manmade structures, earth and sky are interconnected and equally important in the compositions. Moon, stars and clouds above intermingle with the earthbound elements, creating dramatic light and shadows. In his artist statement, Folberg writes, "My purpose is to show a human and earthly view of our relationship to the infinite just beyond Earth's horizon."... Read More

January 22, 1999
Neil Folberg: 'Starry Nights and Other Works'
The New York Times

The deserts of Egypt, Israel and Jordan seem never to have sat for a lens quite as magical as Neil Folberg's ... Read More